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“We are not purely human: we live in symbiosis”

Metagenomics is in its discovery phase. The composition and interactions of complex microbial ecosystems such as our intestinal flora are revealed today by bioinformaticians, thanks to high-throughput sequencing data. “Cool science”, according to Professor Jeroen Raes at the University of Brussels. He enjoys fishing in the unknown…… (Interview with Jeroen Raes) (NBIC-magazine, Interface nr. 7, […]

The depths of the human genome

The way our genome works is far more ‘messy’ than the current text books depicture, says bioinformatician Ewan Birney  who is currently analysing the data resulting from the ENCODE project. The ‘ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements’ a huge consortium of scientists and research centers that track and identify all functional elements in the human genome using […]

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